Château Les Bruges

The vineyard is located on a clay-limestone hillside with perfect southern exposure. 32 hectares (85 acres) are planted with traditional noble grape varietals – Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon – which produce an outstanding Bordeaux red, vinified in the traditional style of the region.
2 hectares (7 acres) are devoted to the production of our delicious sweet white wine. These 50 years old Semillon vines produce extraordinary grapes, picked late and overripe in accordance with “the terroir.”

A “pure and delicious” Bordeaux

The wines of Chateau les Bruges reflect both the distinctive qualities of the terroir, and the unique vision of winemaker Vincent Lebas. True to their character, exceptional in their purity, they are enjoyed by wine-lovers across the globe.


Chateau Les Bruges has been practicing integrated farming for many years. We utilize environmentally friendly growing methods, including sustainable pest-control, grass cover, green harvesting and leaf-stripping. In accordance with our organic certification, we prohibit the use of pesticides and herbicides. Copper treatments are made to 40% less than allowable by law (4 kg/ha per year), and our target productivity is 45hl/ha, much lower than the 55hl/ha allowable by law.